To be someone, you have to be yourself
– Mila Professional

In accordance with Mila Professional’s philosophy we do not appreciate enough the individuality
hidden in each one of us. You don’t have to be “some superior entity” to concur the world, however often, we are impose on what we are supposed to be like – how to look, how to dress, and what is the worst, how to think.

However, we achieve happiness only when we do realize who we are and where are we heading to. So tell us, who YOU want to be, regardless of what others think.

Creativity, omitting schemes and freedom in expressing yourself are the characteristic of hairdressers profession.
Based on its own example, Mila Professional wants to pass on those valuable and positive emotions further. Let’s approach life with creativity and passion, let’s not be afraid of taking the risk. Let’s not be afraid, of who we are, no matter what people say.


Every change, the big one or the small one, always starts with the first step.
That is why we put the focus on the youth, ambitions and free expression of yourself and your vision.
We appreciate young hairdressers, noticing their talent and offering the knowledge and experience, so they can develop their passion and create upcoming future.
There is nothing more beautiful than looking at a happy person, who found his way and develops his skills daily.
Our products are the tools for it – they suppose make the freedom of action possible,
so the hairdresser feels that has at hand professional products which will not limit any creative vision.  

in one brand.




FUTURE Collection

Future is the direction we are heading towards.

We create the future focusing on the presence, action and continuous crossing of the boundaries. It is
the understanding of the consequences and drawing conclusions from the past. Those are the young
people with creative ideas and vision, which development creates our reality. That is why it is so
important on our way towards the future, to focus on finding yourself and developing what is best
inside of us. Because it is the only direction a person can take and that is why we have to take care,
so it will lead us towards better tomorrow.